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Ray Scott Pastoral

World-class Beef Cattle

The Pastoral business (both holdings and operations) currently operates in South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland with a combined property area of over 250,000 acres under group ownership and management, with the vast majority of holdings and operations currently in Queensland. Current Queensland Pastoral holdings include Carse O’Gowrie Station, Connolly Station, Fairfield Station, Ingaby Station and Echo Hills Station.

The core business of the pastoral business is the breeding and growing of beef cattle for both domestic and international markets, with a minimal investment in lamb production. The groups’ strategies employ long term sustainable grazing practices aimed at growing high-quality beef cattle, with continued capital investment focused on infrastructure improvement and continued land improvement measures.

The current cattle headcount across the group is approximately 20,000 head of cattle over the group’s portfolio, with a view to growing the group’s domestic production output by 15% in line with long term sustainable growth strategies.

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